Screen Printing




You can email print ready artwork to please include your PO#.


If artwork is not screen print ready art fees may apply at a minimum of $50.00 per hour. 

If you have any questions e-mail or call us at 800-350-6246.


Vector artwork files are Macintosh compatible saved in Adobe Illustrator®.Spot color jobs are supplied as Adobe Illustrator files with all fonts converted to outlines and colors specified.

Include a jpg or pdf proof of your design to confirm that no font substitutions have occurred. All objects must have at least a 1 pt line thickness to guarantee proper print quality. If the vector file contains any placed raster images, these images need to meet or exceed our requirements for resolution when rendered at 100% of the final imprint size. Also, they must be submitted with the original vector file.*Please remember that just because a file is saved in a vector file format, that does not necessarily mean that it is a true vector file. The file must be created in a vector editing program to be a vector file. Sorry, we cannot accept Microsoft Word, Excel, or Publisher files.



Adobe Illustrator® up to Version CS6 and Freehand 10.

Text is converted to curves or outlines to avoid font substitution.

We will also accept files saved in Adobe Photoshop ® up to Version CS5 at 100% of final print size with a resolution of at least 300 dpi.



Vector art, text must be converted to paths, curves, or outlines.The text then becomes an object and can no longer be edited as text. Be sure to include a. tiff or .jpg thumbnail to ensure no font substitution has taken place.



All design elements should contain a line thickness of at least 1pt. Failure to assign a 1pt line thickness to all objects may compromise the final imprint quality.



Please specify spot color designations. Named colors from Sun Creations color ring is preferable. This will allow the best color matching possible. Dark color shirts will have an underlay of white and will be an additional color and screen. Feel free to request swatch library from the art department. 


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